Thursday, December 17, 2009

Demo Reel: Nutty Professor

Demo Reel from Nutty Professor from Scott Eade on Vimeo.
Here is a compilation of footage from the film, The Nutty Professor, which was to be part 2 of the original film starring Jerry Lewis as professor Julius Kelp. This animated version revolves around the grandson of the professor, with Jerry Lewis voicing himself. This was fantastic project for creativity and experimentation of camera. Working from, in many cases script and verbal direction, the previs and layout team created and delivered the scenes that where then animated and finalized. In this presentation you will see the Previs/Layout intercut with the final shots.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Old Demo Reel - Layout

Old Demo Reel from Scott Eade on Vimeo.

In this demo we have a couple films interlaced together. The first being a very popular childrens film, Barbie the Island princess. The first shots are from the opening sequence which I storyboarded and created for the initial credits.The later shots are of the cameras, etc. that we used in conjunction with motion captured elements if they were available, or we simply keyframed basic animation. They show the progression of previs to finalized shots with small notations of what I had contributed to. The second film cut into this reel is Max Steele: Dark Rival. This is a popular Mattel Inc. toy line that was made into a handful of films. Throughout the initial blocking and animation of cameras we used a large library of motion that we could merge together to get very robust previs and layouts, in which a lot of these carried through to the final cuts.